Thursday, 25 July 2013

Babies on display

I wasn't going to post on the Royal Baby - goodness knows there's enough comment already!  But I can't help myself (smiles).  I have to talk about My Babies...

I felt such sympathy for The Duchess of Cambridge (who am I to call her Kate?) having to face that crowd (and the millions watching through the cameras like me!) just after having a baby.  What new mother wants to go through that?  And then I thought that, actually - given the time to make myself look a little presentable - there is nothing I would have loved more than to hold my precious baby (all five times!) up to the awed gaze of the world and say "Look!  Look how wonderful my baby is!"  Then I'd have wanted to disappear and just enjoy my baby all to myself (and my family, of course).

When we had our third baby we took her to the supermarket on her second day in the world and my husband carried this tiny little person around in the crook of his arm delighting in every coo and gasp when he proudly announced how brand new she was!
I still love to have people comment on my children (and when you have five, aged 4 months to 7 years, you get noticed) - as long as it's positive, of course!!!  They are a beautiful bunch (if I do say so myself - and oh how I love the "Aren't they beautiful - they look just like you!" comments), and when we lived in Gibraltar their blond hair caused strangers to stop in the streets to gaze at them, want to chat and reach out and touch their hair (this is Gib, where such things are unremarkable!).  Now the comments are more often directed at me - "Are these all yours?  Wow, well done you!" - I had that on Tuesday while in town with all of them.

I have never minded 'sharing' with the world in this way.  I don't mind being an object of comment - although I'll grant that my experience is on a very small level.  When I've been pregnant, I have never felt offended by the well meaning comments and questions of complete strangers.  I see pregnancy, raising a family, even marriage to be 'society' parts of my life.  Hmm.  I think I may have to think about this a bit and post on that some other time - otherwise this will become a very long and very philosophical post!

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