Saturday, 20 July 2013

Breakfast in the Holidays

It's the first day of the holidays - 'whoohoo!'  Of course, 6.45am is when Daughter No. 2 is up and chatting.  This is useful, however, as she can be tasked with letting the chickens out of the coop so Daddy doesn't have to get up.  It's about half an hour before I have to stir myself to get Daughter No. 3 out of her cot, although I've been feeding Baby Son No. 2, so I've been awake.
During term time mornings used to be a bit frantic 'Eat breakfast, get dressed, where are your shoes?  Have you brushed your hair?  Right, we have to go NOW!'  Strangely though, the hour and a half we allow for all of this has become far too much time since the baby was born.  How does that work?  I suppose it's because the children are getting more and more independent.  The older three can mostly get themselves dressed (with a bit of help for the four year old) and they can organise their own breakfasts to a certain degree (I must look into getting small milk bottles to avoid the arguments when I don't want them to pour from the 4 pint carton).  After that there isn't all that much that really needs to be done.  Of course, there is still the frantic last five minutes when I realise that despite everyone 'being ready 'for an hour, at least one of them doesn't know where their shoes are.  Every now and again I dream up organised systems - all shoes and hats in the same place, coats on hooks, book bags somewhere we'll find them again in the chaos!  Inevitably nothing is where it 'should' be, but we're getting better and I don't think anything will ever stop my children from loosing things, dawdling or getting distracted - except maturity, I suppose.
So now it's the holidays and we don't have to get dressed yet.  Breakfast has been consumed and the cries for snacks have yet to start.  For a moment we can relax and enjoy this new time.  But routine is important for children, so I'll have to stir myself over the next weeks to ensure that we have some kind of rhythm to our day.  Not today, though.  Not yet, anyway.  The squabbles haven't started yet.

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