Thursday, 25 July 2013

Competition - Winner washes up

It seems competition is a useful thing in a family.
This week, as a family, we have been taking some time each morning to tidy up (it's something to do and stops us drowning under mess during the holidays - I understand that some of you won't need this explanation for tidying every day, but anyone who knows me will!).  Anyway, on Monday, my son asked if he could do the washing up - he likes playing with water, I guess.  My second daughter (middle child) then complained that she never gets to do the washing up, so I promised she could do it yesterday.  It took her an hour to do just a bowl full, since she's only four, but she stuck at it faithfully and was rewarded with chocolate.  This morning she asked if she could do the washing up again (bearing in mind that the tidying done by the others yesterday was minimal) and I agreed.  At which point my eldest daughter complained that she hadn't had a chance to do the washing up yet.  "It's my turn tomorrow, then!" she declared.
Now, I recognise that washing up is more fun that other types of cleaning / tidying for a child (they also enjoy vacuuming in my experience, but are very bad at it), but it seems peculiar to me that there would be such an insistence on them each having their turn - especially since it's currently the only chore having to be done.
Got to love child logic!

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