Friday, 26 July 2013

Peppa Pig

I am a huge fan of Peppa Pig - it's one of the few children's programmes that I am quite content to watch over and over again.  Since Daughter 3 has developed an obsession with Peppa Pig now (following solidly in the footsteps of her three siblings), this is probably just as well.  I love the fact that Peppa is a bossy little madam, that George is a genius at everything he tries.  I enjoy the stories too - simple, 'educational' in the subtlest ways, funny, even insightful at times.  I love the little 'Peppa-isms' that my children come out with.
Earlier I was momentarily shaken out of my comfortable enjoyment, however.  Daughter 3 - two years old - put a plastic bag over her head.  I ripped it off with shouts of "Dangerous!!!"  She started to cry (understandable really) and said "Suzie Sheep!" and my heart sank.  Somewhere in her two year old mind she has confused Suzie Sheep wearing a mask with the bag-over-head concept.  I in no way blame Peppa Pig for this, children put things over their heads, round their necks and do other dangerous things without any assistance - and we poor parents can only do our best to be alert to those moments and try to head them off.  But how do I explain the difference to a two year old?
Still, we will go on enjoying Peppa Pig (especially those episodes before they had seat belts!) and I will just have to try to stay ahead of things.  At least she hasn't asked me when she will become a god...  That was Daughter 2 - aged 4 - after watching Hercules.

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