Friday, 19 July 2013

School's Out!

I'm not very good at the 'buy a present for the teacher' thing that seems to be the norm these days.  We tried to make some homemade fudge/cake and put them in containers decorated by the children, but it all went a bit wrong, so no present from my three this year!  My sister is a teacher and mum a nursery nurse, and they always get loads of presents, some of them surprisingly expensive, and some of them with the category 'it's the thought that counts'.  I know they're happy with anything they receive, and I'm sure they wouldn't be particularly concerned if they didn't get anything.
I feel slightly uncomfortable with the whole concept.  Not the idea of giving presents, but the fact that people seem to spend so much money on something that should be a gesture - and a one from the children!
Anyway...  In other news...
Daughter No. 3 has decided that she is not wearing nappies any more.  This, of course, is very clever at barely 2 years old, but somewhat stressful with a small baby around as well.  She has now gone down for her afternoon nap (chocolate button bribe in addition to chocolate button reward for use of toilet) and refused a 'just in case' nappy.  Oh well, sheets can be washed and the sun is shining!  Baby - Son No. 2 - is awake, but has been happily bouncing in his chair for the last half hour.  I suspect this is due to a lovely surprise for mummy in his nappy.  I'm tempted to let him enjoy it a little longer, but that would be bad parenting, I guess.  I wonder what is so enjoyable?
No bread in the house for when the others get home from school, so I thought I'd make some rolls.  I use the breadmaker to make the dough and then use this to make the rolls and bake them in the oven.  When the dough finished a while ago I was too busy to deal with it, so decided to just bake a loaf in the breadmaker.  Always a bad idea to try this.  Just smelt the bread cooking before it had risen so have turned it all off to give it a chance to rise.  Hmm.  There may be no bread later.
Chickens are basking in their dirt baths in the sun.  We're down to 4 eggs out of 6 and I think another one is getting broody!  Poor things.  I shall go feed them some left over sweetcorn in a minute.

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