Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Beginning

Today is probably not the best day to begin this blog...  Chances are I won't get much chance to post in the next weeks as the Summer Holidays consume our lives, but this is the best time to make sure I am being positive about life!

I choose to look forward to having all my children home during the day.  I know that if we're all going to enjoy ourselves in the next six weeks, however, I need to do some planning.  So here are some thoughts.

1. Plan out each day.  That doesn't mean every minute has to be filled, but we're going to need to have some things to work around, and not all of them have to be fun.  This is what I think the 'normal' days will look like:

Time of tidying and cleaning
Rewarded with - Sweets, cakes, biscuits! and for mummy too!
Group activity - Drawing / Craft / Cooking / Something?
Nap time for the smallest two and quiet time for the eldest three
One choice each on the iplayer
General play time
DVD or iplayer
Bed for the smallest and quiet play for the eldest

2. Head off confrontations by bribing the eldest to good behaviour

3. Plan days out of the house as treats - set up reward charts to earn these

4. Pray every morning for grace, energy and peace!

5. Go to bed early so I don't resent being woken at the crack of dawn in the holidays.

Those are my thoughts.  Time to get to work.

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