Friday, 26 July 2013

This Means War... Chicken Run the Sequel

Ever seen Chicken Run?  I sometimes think I should have taken notes...  About three months ago we got six Black Rock chickens.  Goldie (with lots of golden feathers), Gertrude/Gertie (with a golden chest) and four others that go by Clucky, Pecky, Miss Nosey and Broody, but have no distinguishing features.  My husband had bought and built a palatial chicken coop with run for their residence and for the first few days this is where they lived.  They were then allowed out into a pen:

They swiftly learnt how to fly over the fences (yes, I know they're too low!)  After a month or so we gave up and let them have the run of the garden...  They have since learnt how to escape from the garden to go foraging in the the grass down our lane.  Barricades have been established with varying degrees of success.  Fortunately we've trained them to come running to the cry of "Chickens!", as they get food.
The other day I'd had enough of the muck (see Meltdown post) and so we attempted to restrict the chickens to the wild lower part of the garden, again with varying degrees of success.  My son takes great delight in catching escaped chickens and 'gently' throwing them back into their area.  At which point they simply saunter to the nearest gap in the fence and return.

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