Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Living the Good Life

Since we married, we have moved every other year - and I mean really moved, lock, stock and barrel - from London to Gibraltar to Wiltshire to the Falkland Islands to Wales.  In each new place we have had a baby - but that's another story.  It is only this last move that we have bought our own home.

And here the dream of the Good Life begins.  It's a lovely house, easily big enough for our tribe, with a garden big enough for all the swings, slide, toy house and other trappings of childhood... and chickens...

The chickens, as I've mentioned before, are great fun and very productive but they present a small problem - one of ambition.  Now we have become - in a very small way - small holders.  Cue coveting glances at neighbouring fields and evening chats about woolly pigs.

The trouble is our dwindling savings don't quite stretch to a couple of acres of suitable farmland, not to mention the costs involved in raising said woolly pigs.  If only we could win the lottery...  When I saw the competition on BritMums for the #Spend20K Challenge this is immediately what came to my mind.  No hesitations, no questions.  We'd buy some land and raise some pigs.

Shopping List:
7 acres at approx. £2000 an acre - £14,000
Two woolly pigs (breeding pair) - £250
Stock fences - £2000
Arc pig sty - £500-£1000
Food stuffs and other expenses - £1000
Supply of good quality Port (to drown our sorrows when slaughter time comes)

My husband informs me that for each pig weighing 80kg you get 45kg of usable meat.  That's a lot of bacon and sausages - so a bigger freezer may be required.  We may also have to set aside a contingency for electric fences.  Given the propensity of our chickens to escape our garden, I suspect that pigs - by reputation rather intelligent creatures - will make short work of any attempt to restrict them and take to wandering the lanes like the local sheep.

Ah, the Good Life.  I think Bee Keeping is next on the list...

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  1. Well that is a very different plan. Small holding can be such fun and space is always good. Love pigs so would need that port! Commenting for myself and for BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

    1. Thanks! Don't ask what we'd do with more than 20k!

  2. Please double check that you have a working link for the National Lottery website for this post to be a valid entry. You have time to put it right before the closing date.

    1. Thanks for spotting that, Kate! I think I've fixed it now.

  3. All fine now.
    I wonder if one of the service charities could help with your dream.


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