Monday, 19 August 2013

#Magic Moments - Old Memories

The other day I found a load of photos and videos I'd forgotten about - although when I say 'found', I mean I was looking on a storage drive we have and realised that it contained all our early photos.  The children and I have been having great fun looking through them trying to guess which baby is which...

Daughter One and Son One

Daughter Three and Son Two
 The girls - pigtails ages 2-3

< Daughter Two (Falklands)

           Daughter Three (Wales) >

                                                         Daughter One (Gibraltar)

 < Son One (Gibraltar)

         Daughter Two (Falklands) >

So many lovely memories, I just had to share a few!


  1. awww thanks Nicola for sharing such lovely photos of some of your memories :-)

    I so love the fact you found them and they were not forever lost.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  2. please do feel free to tweet me your twitter name and i will pop back and share you post via twitter (@oliversmadhouse)

  3. Great that you remembered which was which! Our photos all have dates on the back otherwise we would not know the difference between our two girls in the years to come ;-)

    1. It helps when the photos were taken in different countries! Thanks for stopping by.


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