Friday, 16 August 2013

Man, Machine & Chickens

Our garden has been slowly transforming from the neat but rambling garden it was when we bought the house to a country meadow (wild flowers & long grass) to an overgrown wilderness that needs some attention.  About a month ago I began to suggest maybe we should mow the lawn.  I even went as far as retrieving the ancient lawnmower left by the previous owner in the back of the shed in the hopes it could be made to work.  Alas, no.  So, new lawnmower or strimmer required.

A few gentle suggestions - who said nagging? - later, husband begins the search for a suitable machine.  My attempts to help were politely disdained - "£60 for a strimmer?  It won't last a minute in our garden."  This afternoon he came home early from work.  "I suppose I'd better get changed, then," he said after a quick lunch.  "Oh, why?" I asked innocently.  "Well, you want me to cut the grass, don't you?"  Enter the great Strimmer "Stihl", cost approx £300 - but you can add a pole cutter(?), a blower, a trimmer... included?  Of course not!

So, out into the undergrowth departs our intrepid warrior - to scare the life out of the chickens, who were hiding under their favourite bush at the top of the garden.  They fled, unfortunately, in the wrong direction, finding themselves trapped by the side gate, unable to pass the frightening beast that whirred and cut down their pleasant wilderness before their very eyes.  A moment's pause allowed them to slip passed to seek refuge in the firs and perch on the low branches in disgust.

We're down to three eggs out of six today.  I think we might be lucky to get any tomorrow.

On the plus side for them, the cutting of the grass has revealed - and pretty much destroyed - an ants' nest, providing them with plenty of entertainment should they choose to pursue it.

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