Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Rules... by The Children

Since the beginning of the Summer Holidays I have intended to get the Children to write out (and decorate - they love decorating) a set of rules that they will agree to.  They were going to be divided into:
We Say
We Are
We Do Not

It is week Five of the Holidays, and after muddling through with lots of shouting on my part, I have finally sat them down this morning to set out our Holiday Rules...

It's funny what kids come up with.  Immediately there were shouts of "Don't Hit!"  "Yeah, and don't pinch!" "Do as Mummy says" "Look after those smaller" "Don't bash bombs" (Not sure what that one is about) "Say sorry".  I suppose some of the shouting has actually sunk in - they do actually know what they are meant to be doing.

After a little discussion, these are the ones we came up with "for now" - they were keen to add a whole host of others (sit at the table to eat, eat what you're given, tidy up, keep your bedroom tidy).

We Are - Kind, Helpful, Gentle
We Say - Sorry, Please, Thank you
We Do Not - Hurt, Lie, Snatch

If we can achieve even this much I will be very impressed - then we can start on the other suggestions.


  1. Replies
    1. Do they look like they've been told to smile? Especially C!

  2. Great idea Nicola! Will have to try one of my own. You have to tell me if it works (and if there is less yelling involved). Great pic :)

    1. At the moment it's half working - there have been a lot more pleases and thank yous than usual (it's never been something I make a fuss about) and I must say it's made me feel happier to do things for them. There has also been a lot of the children reminding each other of the rules! I will do an update in a day or so...

  3. pleases and thank yous are lovely and granma loves to hear these . Thank yous esp as it makes me feel iv sent the right things and they like them . The children are always thoughtful towards each other and i love them all xxxxx

  4. I think please and thank-you make you feel like it's not so much of a "demand" and so it doesn't get your back up so much when they've asked for yet another thing! It also shows they're thinking a bit more about what they're saying, and also that they've been taught to have some manners - if you're bothered by what other people think ;)
    I always think kids are a lot harsher when setting rules for themselves than we expect them to be, it's good that they know how they're supposed to behave even if they don't do it all the time... see it at school like that all the time!


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