Saturday, 28 September 2013

Capers in the Country Park

We were sad this morning.  Last night a good family friend in the village told us that she was moving - today.  Miss I was very tearful, and generally we were all a bit low, so I decided we needed to get out and enjoy ourselves.  The weather wasn't very promising, but we packed ourselves into the car and headed to Craig-Y-Nos Country Park.

It was exactly what we all needed.  Fresh air, a new place to explore - and ducks.

We took shelter from a shower as we arrived in the little cafe and had a reasonable lunch - the kids had hotdogs and I had a jacket potato (you can't go wrong with that, really, can you?)  Then it was outside to enjoy the fresh air.

It's not a very big park, really - it doesn't need to be, surrounded by the Brecon Beacons - just about the right size for little legs to run around without getting too tired.

We started by the Fishpond - although we saw no sign of fish, just lots of ducks and one swan.  The ducks followed us as we walked around the pond, obviously expecting us to have purchased some of the duck food they helpfully sell in the cafe.  Unfortunately for them we hadn't!

Then it was into the main park, where there are lots of interesting paths and wide open spaces to run up and down.  At one point the children wanted to know where the swings were, and I realised they had misunderstood when I said we were going to a Park.  Once they accepted this wasn't a 'play park', they happily embraced the excitement of exploring and racing.

After two hours the children were cheerfully tired and we headed back to the car where Miss C promptly fell asleep.  I am so grateful we have places like this to visit and glad we were able to enjoy an autumn day having so much fun when we had started it so sadly.

I'm linking with Country Kids over at Coombe Mill.  Click the link to see other fantastic exploits outdoors!

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  1. that park name rings bells from my years at Swansea Uni! Sounds a fab day out

    1. Did you ever go into the Castle? I'm hoping to get back down there again while the weather holds.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your good friend is moving away - let's hope you will all be able to visit her once she's settled. What a lovely park, plenty of space for the children to safely run around and have fun exploring. We are having such a mild Autumn so far, I hope it continues so we can all get outdoors more and enjoy natures playground. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping we can get out and about lots more this autumn, and then we're looking forward to the snow!


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