Monday, 2 September 2013


My Magic Moment this week relates to Mr J, my eldest boy, 6 years old.  Mr J has always been best described as an affectionate bull!  Loving, friendly, intelligent, competitive, stubborn, aggressive under pressure, prone to both accidental and deliberate destruction - a typical energetic boy who is often shown to disadvantage by having three sisters, the eldest of whom has extraordinary empathy.

This morning Miss C (aged two) was having a typical toddler tantrum - she wanted to watch the TV while playing with her play-dough.  Now, this is against Mummy Rules, because it means play-dough gets in the carpet and sofa.  I took the play-dough away, resulting in tears.  Mr J also wanted to watch the TV, but had his Lego with him - also against Mummy Rules at the moment, because I like it confined to his bedroom where the chance of me treading on it is greatly reduced.  Suddenly, he came into his own, showing such an empathy for his little sister I was quite blown away.
"Come on, Miss C.  Let's put our things away and watch the tele."
It was the cheerful way he said it, I think, and the fact that he was doing it too that cut through the tears and caused immediate co-operation.  It's also that he understands the frustration of not being allowed to do what you want.  It was lovely to see because over the holidays I have felt like we were in a constant battle of wills.  It's not a huge thing, but it was a special moment for me, a sign of maturity that has seemed a long way ahead recently.


  1. How, how, how do you get him to do the dishes???
    Please tell me your secret. I want dishes help too...
    Boys can be easier than girls (so I hear) but also they are sometimes too... Boys. I am having a good & bad days with mine also, as we start to experience hormones and growing up... But those moments, where I can still see my baby, my beautiful generous baby in there, makes me so happy :). Lovely magic moment Nicola.

    1. The washing up is a strange competitive thing the children have going... "My turn to wash up!" they whine. It's their prefered chore. Arguably, the boy seems to have realised that he can 'seem' to be helping by insisting it's his turn and then giving way to his sister. He did enjoy wearing the rubber gloves, though.
      When are you doing Dreadful Days again - I think I need another rant as school starts. ;)

  2. awww Nicola it really is so lovely just to see those touching moments.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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