Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mummy, the Chicken Exploded!

I realise that I have not done a 'Chicken Update' recently, and as they are one of the reasons I started writing this blog, I thought it was time I did.

Over the summer the children were attempting to 'camp' in the garden.  The first night things got brought to a sudden halt when Miss A came in covered in red and yellow goo.  The explanation from my son, "The Chicken exploded!"  Cue mad dash out to the garden to find out exactly what had happened.  Miss A explained that she was hugging one of the chickens and an egg came out.  I had visions of her squeezing the chicken and the egg literally exploding out all over her.

It turns out it was a little less dramatic.  She had put the chicken down when a soft white shape came out of it, and then, curiosity being one of her key traits, she picked up the part formed egg and squeezed it.  This, it would seem was the yellow goo.  The red, I'm sorry to say, came from the poor chicken.

The children were sent to bed and not allowed to camp outside any more.  Daddy had to check the internet on how to form a minor veterinary procedure to repair the poor chicken.  We informed the children that there was a good chance the chicken would not survive - we wanted to press home the point that they need to be gentle with the chickens, and with any animal.  So Miss A prayed that the chicken would be okay.

Two days later, after several weeks of only having 4 eggs from our 6 chickens, suddenly there were five eggs.  One of the chickens was broody, so we knew why she wasn't laying, but didn't know why we were one egg short.  Clearly Miss A's prayers were answered with increased health for the chicken!  Either that, or the chickens were so terrified by the whole experience they decided they had better start producing the full compliment of eggs pretty fast.

That was three weeks ago and we started getting a bit swamped by eggs.  Then the weather changed, the broody hen gave up being broody, but we're down to only two eggs a day.  I don't understand chickens.

On another note, it would appear that we have finally managed to stop the chickens escaping from the garden.  It has been at least ten days since they last were seen on the lane outside.  I almost miss the cry of "Chickens on the Road" from the children, and the need to step outside and whistle for the chickens to return home - which they are pretty good at doing.  It takes some of the interest out of my day to have the chickens placidly pottering around in the garden.  Perhaps they are simply planning their next great escape.

Leaving me with the questions:

"Why did the Chicken cross the road?"  Probably just to annoy me.

"Why didn't the Chicken cross the road?"  That's probably just to lull me into a false sense of security.

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