Thursday, 5 September 2013

Reasons to be cheerful!

This week has not gone to plan.  Tuesday I was expecting my older three children to go back to school, leaving me and the smallest two to enjoy getting back into our routine, with the added bonus of Miss C starting playgroup most mornings.  We were also planning the great room swap, making way for Mr M to have his own room soon.

Tuesday morning Miss I wasn't feeling well.  Being a sympathetic mother, I assumed a level of nervousness for starting juniors, and sent her off with a small dose of Calpol and reassurances that she'd be fine once she got there.  Tuesday afternoon we got a phone call from school, could we pick up Miss I, she was feeling sick.

Thus began several days of Miss I rarely off the toilet and Miss C with a dodgy bottom too, resulting in having to go back to nappies despite having just cracked potty training and being dry at night.  So, instead of suddenly having more time than I knew what to do with - although I have plenty to do! - I've two poorly girls to look after.

But now for my reasons to be cheerful!

Miss I and Miss C appear to be on the mend, so hopefully Miss I will go back to school tomorrow and Miss C can go to playgroup.  I can then start planning the things I won't end up doing anyway!

We have just had our winter supply of wood delivered.  Husband and I have had great fun stacking it neatly, pretending we're dry stone walling - with a little bit of help from Miss I and Miss C.

I have 24 Honey Muffins left to find homes for - assuming Husband doesn't consume them this afternoon, as he's off work due to wood delivery.  These are to celebrate Jewish New Year with my new friend Orli at Orli, Just Breathe.  Fab recipe, but perhaps not the usual quantities I deal with - I was expecting 12 not 36 muffins!  Fortunately, for reasons only known to Husband, we have a good supply of honey enabling me to use 1 cup of honey without a concern, and of course, 6 eggs are not a problem when you have chickens.

I'm going to be able to drive next week as I'll finally be on the insurance.  Not sure I'm ready for the driving bit, but very excited to be able to get out and about a bit more easily.  I have to keep reminding myself that I have a piece of paper telling me I can drive and that I have driven our beast of a 4x4 before - even if it was in the Falkland Islands.  I'm not looking forward to tackling our hill outside on my own, but at least I'll quickly become exceptionally good at hill starts.

Mr M has slept for seven hours at night for the last four nights.  This is such a massive improvement on the 'feed me every two hours' pattern, I am almost in shock.  It's all down to starting solids - today we tried the Red Peppers, Sweet Potato and Apple Ella's Kitchen pouch to add some variety to the baby rice and he seems pretty happy with new flavours.

Ah, Sleep, I had forgetten how good you were!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. First of all - that's Jewish cooking for you. It didn't even cross my mind that it's considered a lot... And second, how can you still have 24?! Between my kids, my parents, and my husband, I am now down to 5. And I have made also honey-pecan cookies, honey-almonds biscuits, and honey-chocolate cake...
    Second of all, I hope everyone feels better tomorrow. I hate it when my kids aren't well. It brakes my heart. Though with Ron now being "a mature 8 years old" it is the only time I can cuddle him properly. Every other time I get the eye-roll and the "MUUUUUM" exasperated shriek :)
    Third, you are braver than me. It scares the hell out of me just thinking about driving in London... Though I really understand the need to drive and get out a bit. Good luck!
    All in all, excellent reasons to be cheerful (and I'm not saying that just because I'm in them!) x

    1. You forget, I've had poorly girlies. Plus, of course, I'm a mean mummy who won't let them have more than one at a time, and by the time the kids get back from school at about 4.15pm, what with tea and getting ready for bed by 7pm there's not much time left! We're now down to two.
      The girls are much better. I'm afraid, again, I am a mean mummy with little sympathy for illness - at least the illness that results in 'otherwise fine' but can't go out. I don't mind so much if they're sleepy and just want to cuddle.
      And I wouldn't drive in London - can barely manage the traffic in our little town. But when there is no where I can walk to (except my friend who must be getting fed up with me by now) and the bus only comes once every two hours... driving is a necessicity.

  2. The muffins sound delish, maybe you should post the recipe?! sorry to hear the girls have een ill but good they are on the mend, good luck with the driving :-)

    1. Orli put the recipe on her blog in the comments on this post -
      They were scrummy! I still have two left, which I may share with a friend this afternoon.
      Starting to get excited about driving again.

  3. Yay, healthy children, cakes and driving... good times!
    Me, I've emptied the pond, caught a fish and negotiated with my friend for her to sort our garden while I tutor her children... good times too ;)

  4. Excellent! Would she come and do ours? Looking forward to seeing the finished garden. x

  5. Ahh, this is your blog! I hope your little ones are feeling much better now and you have been able to enjoy the weekend. I've never really cooked with honey I must try. Mich x

    1. I'm glad you found me! I enjoy linking with Reasons to be Cheerful, it really helps to put things in perspective - as well as joining Orli's Dreadful Days to keep me honest about the struggles.
      The children are much better, thanks. I'm hoping next week goes a little more to plan, and I can finally get into this new season. I've taken to using honey in flapjacks instead of sugar, but the honey muffins were new to me and absolutely fab!


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