Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There's a stream at the bottom of my garden...

It's a magical adventure, into the undergrowth, down the slippery overgrown steps.  We don't have very far to go, we don't even need the car.  It's just at the bottom of the garden, you see, our mysterious little world.  Our very own stream, our very own beam.  It doesn't matter if we get wet, we won't get cold yet.  With towels and a fire waiting inside the adventure is waiting, lets step outside...

Just Miss C and I today - the others are at school, and baby M is fast asleep in his cot.  So, here we go exploring, in our very own back garden.  Down to the little bridge, carefully stepping across the water.

"Mummy it's too heavy," says Miss C.  I think she might mean too scary or too high - she's standing on the bridge alone, but mummy is close at hand.

We cross the bridge, it's time for a paddle.  Whoops, I forgot to tuck Miss C's trousers in.  Never mind, they're just a little bit wet, and maybe a little bit muddy.

She splashes and paddles, and I'm standing ready - with a camera in one hand and the other hand to catch her if she slips.

The water is beautifully clear today.  It's a shame it's the wrong season for baby fish.

Down the little path, pushing through the overgrown bushes, it really is a little wilderness.  The ground is thick with brown leaves already, although the trees are still a glorious spectrum of green.

The sunlight is gently dappling through the leaves of the trees far above.  I still can't believe this is our little place and no one else may come here.

A secret place ready for childish imagination or quiet solitude.

"Mummy, Me go in the water..?"  She's getting brave now, my little Miss C.  She wants to throw stones, and splash her hands in the water.

She wants to explore further and enjoy this lovely Autumn Day.  So we wander along the stream until we come to our neighbours fence.

Then it's time to make our way back to the house again to see if Mr M has woken up yet, maybe have a little snack, and then get ready to collect the others from school.

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here 



  1. Beautifully written post and how lovely to have an adventure in your own garden. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. I love your garden, proper "Anne of Green Gables" stuff! You do know that while I was "supervising" the children at Easter I was actually playing in the stream?!

    1. That's okay - you were keeping an eye that they didn't fall in, weren't you?

  3. what how brilliant a stream at the bottom of the garden. Its amazing how us bloggers take pictures wilst hovering with one hand to fish them out of the water....but only once the picture of them wet is taken. I love her coat

    1. The coat is cute, isn't it? Each of my girls has one, and they look incredibly sweet all together in them! I sometimes feel a little guilty that I'm taking pictures, trying to capture the moment, instead of being in the moment;)

  4. Sim @ Sim's Life13 October 2013 at 15:24

    Fab post!! How lucky - looks like the adventure was thoroughly enjoyed!


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