Monday, 23 September 2013

What shall I spend it on?

I was so chuffed when I won £100 from the Britmums #Spend 20K competition with my Living the Good Life post, but now I don't know what to spend it on.  If had been the 20k, that would have been a different matter, of course, I'd already done the hard work on that!

I have a Love2Shop card just sitting there, waiting.  It's nice to have it in this form, because it means it won't just disappear on nothing, but, having a fairly limited selection of high street shops near by, I'm struggling.  You see the trouble is, I'm just not used to spending money on myself - even when I was single with no kids.  I could just spend it on the family... but I quite fancy being a bit selfish.

So, what do you think?  Should I pop down to Homebase and get something useful like storage?  I love storage, in fact I'm fairly obsessive about it (which would surprise anyone who has ever seen the mess our house is pepetually in).  I like things to have a place to go and I don't like to put things away unless they are in that place - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  What I really want right now is something to organise the shoes...  Maybe I could even make something - but although my dad was a carpenter, I'm a bit a bodger when it comes to woodwork.

Or, I could go to Debenhams (trying to think if there is one nearby) or one of the other clothing shops signed up to the scheme, and splash out on some new 'post-baby' clothes.  Mr M is six months old now, so I could treat myself to some non-breastfeeding clothes to wear in a couple of months.  I could buy a new posh frock if I had anywhere to wear it to.  This was the last posh frock I bought from Debenhams!  I've always loved their Debut range, although I don't think this was.  (And no I haven't been paid to say that...)

Then there are the theme parks.  Has anyone been to Thomas Land?  Would it be worth the extra money spent on fuel and accomodation to get there?  Possibly not.

Or £100 of nappies from Boots?  Or really expensive perfume? 

Or should I just keep the money in my purse until I find something I really want?

Decisions, decisions...  What do you think?


  1. keep it and buy some nice new clothes for your hols next year xxx

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    1. I hadn't considered a handbag - I'm still bundling everything in the nappy change bag. However, I may just consider getting a small bag, since I actually have to carry keys and wallet these days - I didn't bother with either in the Falklands...

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  4. Clothes for yourself of course! But I know it's easier said than done... If it was me, I'd set out to buy something for myself and probably find myself buying for the kids instead...
    Don't be like me. Go spend it all on yourself! You deserve it!
    Oh, and I love the photo. You look magnificent!!! I always wish I had places to go to that needed this kind of dresses :)

    1. It's the joy of a Military Mess - lots of posh parties. That picture was taken in Gibraltar! and I love that dress - although I think it makes me look pregnant in that picture, which I wasn't. Sadly there aren't as many functions in the UK - at least not for me to go to, or any babysitters. I am setting myself the challenge of spending the money on me... It will be a struggle though. ;)


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