Wednesday, 2 October 2013

All About Me

Thanks Orli for tagging me in Gina's Meme...  Now I have to be witty and talk about myself.  Have you seen my About Me?  Deliberately obtuse!  However, although I thought this was going to be nigh impossible for me to complete, once I got into the swing of things I found it remarkably therapeutic.  I can't promise it's witty, friends.  But it is about me.

My favourite ever picture of me!

If you want to know more about the whys and whyfors of this or if you want to link up go to Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies. You'll also see a whole load of other All About Mes to investigate.  The questions are based on the kinds of questions given to small children at the start of term.

1) First off tell us your name and what you do...
My name is Nicola - "Nike" meaning Victory and Ola meaning People.  Victor of the People!  I like that.  What do I do?  Good question...  I juggle looking after five children with trying to run a book search website, keep the house in some kind of order, occasionally I try to write some fiction and for the last two months I've added writing a blog..  I also drink tea, eat biscuits, and I pray - for pretty much everything.
2) I live at home with…
The afore mentioned five children, one long suffering husband and six even more long suffering chickens.  And five Mutmuts (toy monkeys).
3) My favourite thing to do is…
Usually I'd say my favourite thing to do is read... and it certainly is the thing you'll find me doing most often, but I think my truly favourite thing is sitting down with a cup of tea in the silence of the garden and just being still.  I don't get to do it very often.
4) My favourite thing to eat is…
Chocolate.  I have to go with Orli here, although if I restricted myself to a meal that would be a decent steak in peppercorn sauce followed by a creamy cheesecake!
5) When I get cross I…
I have been known to stamp my feet when annoyed with the children and I slowly escalate to shouting and waving my arms around (co-incidentally my children have been known to do the same kinds of things - don't know where they get it from).  However, if I am cross with my husband I go and do the washing up, or if I'm really annoyed I will iron his shirts...  I will pause while you get your head round that.  (See below for an explanation)
6) Sometimes I worry because…
I forget that life is real sometimes.  I wander around in a bit of a dream and then suddenly it hits me.  It's real.  Yep, really it is.
7) My favourite book is…
As I said, I am most often to be found reading.  I'm the kind who always has a book open, ready to pick up when I get a spare moment.  I'm not sure I could choose just one book so I'm going to cheat and say my favourite authors instead...  In the SF genre my favourite author is Elizabeth Moon.  I also enjoy her Fantasy books immensely, but my favourite author in that genre is Jim Butcher.  My favourite Classics author is Jane Austen.  All of the books by these authors I have read more times than I can count.
8) My favourite toy is (easy now)
I suppose this is my ipod - my favourite game is Castle Story at the moment.  But I think in actual fact my favourite toy is my car - never had a car before and it's fab!
9) I dislike…
it when people don't take the time to understand one another or listen to other people's views.  In the same way I dislike it when people ridicule rather than debate honestly. 
10) When I grow up I want to be…
A champion of the world...  or at least the armour bearer of the Champion of the World.
NB: the reason I do the washing up or iron my husband's shirts is twofold: One, it gives me time and space to cool down and two, it gives me a feeling of moral superiority.

I'm not going to tag anyone, since I'm new to the blogging community and most of the people I feel I know well enough to tag are already tagged... But if you're reading this and feel like joining in, please do!

Okay, actually, I'm going to tag Krisha from Awkward Ancestors (you should be good at this as a teacher!)


  1. Hi Nicola, Thank you for joining in and linking up with the #AllAboutMeMeme. Lots of people have put chocolate as their favourite food ;-)

    1. Chocolate is one of the major food groups, so it's not surprising.

  2. Loved it, loved it, loved it! If you don't come to London soon I might just have to brave the ride to the countryside just for you (and that is saying something. Not a big nature lover here) :) Thank you for being silly with me! :) x
    Oh, and love the photo!!!!

    1. Thank you... (bows) You will be very welcome - we'll block the nature out and go shopping or something! x

  3. I could write about me but I have a feeling I have somewhere on my blog... but how would I join in Nic with the questions here? Anyway, I love the fact that you wash-up or iron when you're mad at hubby, and you stamp your foot when you're mad at the kids! I feel so much better reading that!

    1. Click on the Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies link above ( and you can join in that way - but basically just copy the questions onto your blog and answer the questions.
      Glad it made you feel better ;)

  4. think I did this years ago! reading and chocolate snap :-)

  5. Jocelyn (@ihavecards)6 October 2013 at 08:46

    Enjoyed reading - always fun to hear more about the blogger. I was tagged in this, too, and it seems we have things in common. I love to read and have Austen a mention, too :)

  6. Yes, I saw yours - P&P is great, but my favourite is Persuasion.

  7. I was surprised how easy I actually found it - I usually struggle to answer these kinds of questions, but I suppose if a child can do it... I wonder what percentage of bloggers also love to read? I suppose it comes with the territory!

  8. I love that you have chosen a wedding photo - I very nearly did the same :)

  9. It's one of the few pictures I have of me by myself - the rest all have children in them!

  10. Yes that was much the same problem I had!


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