Monday, 14 October 2013

Chess with Daddy

This weekend Miss I convinced Daddy to play chess with her.  They sat down with the little chess set (Daddy is on the edge of the shot because he's camera shy) and set about playing.  He was amused that Miss I's favourite first moves are always towards forming the Castle - moving her King and her Rook so they swap places.  This is a move I taught her from my rudimentary chess skills - which I learnt from him during our courtship.  From there in she was on her own and Daddy tried to go easy on her, but it wasn't long before quite a few of her pieces were stacked along the side.  Fortunately it is a game Miss I enjoys whether she's winning or not because, very occasionally, she has moments of brilliance like the below game played against a computer.

I have yet to manage to reconstruct the moves that led to this very swift Check Mate, despite several attempts.  Any Chess Geniuses out there who can explain how she did it?

Miss I, of course, has absolutely no idea how she managed it - in fact, the only reason I discovered she had was because she told me the computer was broken when she wasn't able to continue moving pieces.  Still, the knowledge that she has done this once has given her the confidence to persevere and try to learn the strategies that may one day help her to beat Daddy. Confidence, I believe, is the key to doing a lot of things.

I, currently, am only able to force him into a stalemate.


  1. Good luck beating your Daddy Im!
    I've not managed to beat Grandad yet and I think he taught me how to play chess at about your age too!
    Lots of love from Aunty Hannah xx

  2. This is lovely! It is so nice that they have something to enjoy together and that winning isn't the only thing she gets out of it.

    Jumped over from #magicmoments

  3. Some of my most special memories are the regular chess games my father and I played with each other when I was young.

  4. Do you play much these days? Perhaps you should give it another go ;)

  5. Yes, it's lovely to see them spend some time together.

  6. I hope it does become a regular thing. It's lovely to have those kind of memories to look back on.

  7. Orli, Just Breathe17 October 2013 at 21:53

    I am embarrassed to say that I don;t know chess at all. My husband knows and he started teaching Ron how to play, and there is nothing Ron wants more than to beat daddy :) I think it's what drives him, just like miss I... I will keep my fingers crossed for her that she will :)

  8. There is something about winning against the person who taught you, isn't there? Especially if it's your dad. Fingers crossed for Ron too - sounds to me like he's the kind of boy Chess was made for.


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