Sunday, 27 October 2013

Miss C's Generosity

Miss C is a very generous soul - she gets this from her father mostly.  She also adores Mr M - "I love him!" said with great gusto as she hugs him to her as if he were a teddy bear.

This morning she requested a banana to eat.  These days she rarely finishes a banana herself, but the chickens gain from her lack of appetite so I don't mind that much.  (Chickens adore banana.  If you want to see what a set of raptors would have looked like eating their lunch in Prehistoric times, just throw a banana to a small flock of hens and you'll have a pretty good picture, I think.)

Today, however, there was an extra beneficiary to her largess...

Of course, the Chickens didn't miss out...  There was still a third of a banana beautifully squished for them to enjoy.

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