Friday, 18 October 2013

Of Horses and Haircuts and Leaves and Chickens

I was struck today by the intriguing sequences of events in my life sometimes.  A completely ordinary day is filled with little moments of interest, things that make it stand out from the rest of the week.  You know, when you say 'That was the day that ... happened."  Not anything momentous, just little anecdotes of life.

Sheep not a horse, but you get the idea...
Today was the day there was a horse stopped outside our house with its shoe coming off.  I stepped outside to ask the rider if he needed any help.  "Um, well yes," he said, looking at me in an assessing way, clearly aware that I was not likely to be able to provide him with that help.  Fortunately Husband joined me to offer the use of a hammer which was gratefully received - along with assistance holding the horse still.  Foolishly I assumed the rider was going to hammer the shoe back on...  Hmmm.  No, he used the hammer to knock the shoe off the hoof.  It took quite some doing, but eventually the shoe came flying off.

Today was the day I got my haircut - and was pleased with it.  I got my haircut in the summer at a salon near my parents' house and was deeply disappointed.  The hairdresser completely failed to understand my hair and my needs.  That sounds overly dramatic, but I mean that she failed to recognise that my hair is fine and hangs limply if not cut in layers, she ignored my request for something that could just be 'wash and go' without styling - I probably only get my hairdryer out once every couple of months.  She cut it in a straight sleek bob that was long at the front - which was promptly stuck behind my ears because it kept falling in my face which I hate.  She also cut it just below the kink in my hair resulting in an always flicked out style if I didn't blow dry it and use hairspray - making me look about twelve.  Plus she charged me £45 for the privilege.  Do you see why I was disappointed?

Today the hairdresser was lovely - a local salon I thought I'd try out while I have Grandma here to babysit.  She looked at my hair, could see I needed layers, accepted the need not have to fuss over it.  The cut is lovely, makes my hair thicker and it falls in a way that makes me feel a bit more dignified - a mother of five really should look older than twelve.  Of course, the proof will be if it still looks nice after I've washed it, but I'm feeling hopeful.  At only £25 it was definitely a bargain.

Today was the day we helped clear our neighbour's yard area of leaves.  I'd visited her earlier in the day for a chat and Miss C and I had played in the piles of leaves the wind had created.  She remarked that she couldn't be bothered to gather all the leaves up, but she really should before they got too wet.  I told her I'd bring Mr J and maybe the girls over after school to do it.  She thought I was joking...

When I picked the children up from the bus, I told them to get changed quickly and we would go down to clear the leaves.  Bags and rakes in hand we made our way down the lane, across the little bridge and into the yard.  She was very surprised to see us, but quite pleased, I think.  We set to with a will, as they say, and soon had filled three bags which we emptied on the verge next to the stream and headed back to fill some more.  The wind blew the leaves, the children raked and swept and we all had a wonderful time.  We must have filled those three bags six times each before most of the leaves were cleared.  A definite achievement.

And finally, Today was the day that all the chickens went to bed by themselves instead of roosting on top of the coop and needing to be prised from their perch and placed inside the coop so that they are safe.  I think it must be too windy for them to be outside - I hold out no hope that they've finally decided to be sensible and will always go into their coop as the sunsets from now on.

Today was the day that was good.


  1. This is a lovely blog that today has made me smile a lot... Sometimes a little wistfully, but I've definitely smiled!

  2. What a lovely day you all had. I am glad you got your hair cut the way you wanted it. I will only ever use one hairdresser and thats because she knows exactly what to do with my hair without me even saying anything.

    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

  3. I've moved around so much I've never managed to stay with the same hairdresser (or hospital to have my babies, or anything else for that matter!). I'm hoping to be able to go back to this one again!


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