Wednesday, 23 October 2013

School Assembly

Today was School Assembly day for Mr J and Miss A - one of the times it's very useful having them in the same class.  It was also lovely that Grandma is visiting so was able to see it too.

First I was very proud of Mr J, who being the eldest boy in the class had the job of introducing the assembly along with another little girl, explaining that they had been learning about bread.  There was general amusement at the brief pause in which Mr J whispered the next part to his companion, who shook her head.  With a shrug he proceeded to tell us in a beautifully clear voice that they were going to perform the story of the Little Red Hen.  (I discovered later this hurried consultation was because one of his friends was ill, so he had to take her part too).  I have never seen him speak so clearly and without any prompting.  It was lovely to see his confidence.  He must have done a lot of practise at school.  He wouldn't practise with me because he wanted it to be a surprise.

The performance itself was a hoot!  All the children chanted the story together and did actions.  There was one line which amused me particularly "I'll do it myself, said the Little Red Hen, and so she did!" said with hands on hips with an extra wiggle by Miss A.  Then they sang their favourite "Big Red Combine-Harvester" song - which I'm starting to know very well and no doubt will be as jaded about in six years as one of the other mums I talked to.  This was followed by the Little Red Hen Rap which ended with the obligatory 'Yo!' shouted with great relish.

Of course, it was wonderful.  These things always are for parents - though Husband doesn't agree and avoids all such occasions if he can.  I love to go to every assembly and concert that my children are involved in, and it was especially lovely for me to see my two so happily part of their class when it was only October last year that we moved here.

The highlight, however, was typically Miss A.  The Head Teacher was saying how amazing it was that they had all learnt the story and actions.  "How did you manage to remember all those verses?" she asked.

Suddenly amid the quiet murmurs a little voice piped up very loudly and clearly.  "We did it a lot!"  There was Miss A, a little four year old, speaking out in front of the whole of the rest of the school and many parents with absolute confidence.  Last term I thought her self-assurance had been knocked by starting school.  It doesn't seem to be a problem any more.

I'm linking with Small Steps, Amazing Achievements at Ethan's Escapades.  Click the link to read some really inspiring stories.


  1. What a really proud moment - especially having such a big important part for your son, and your daughter being so confident.

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)24 October 2013 at 01:16

    Brilliant! You must have been so proud, watching your son doing such a great job and hearing your confident daughter. Lovely x

  3. Orli, Just Breathe24 October 2013 at 13:58

    That's wonderful!!! It is such a great moment for you and for the kids :) And to tell you a little secret, I love going to see mine in everything they do too, so I am always there with a camera and an embarrassing clapping :)

  4. I understand why Husband doesn't like these things, but I see it as one of the bonuses of being a parent - a chance to be proud of the kids for stuff they do that I have no involvement in except to enjoy! And of course, no one is quite as briliant as my kids (grins) although I do try to watch and listen to the other children too and think how cute they all are.

  5. I love reading about these assemblies, they really make me smile. If Ethan is able to take part in such things I will make sure I go to everyone, until then I get to read all about your little superstars :0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements

  6. I hope you do get to enjoy watching Ethan take part in assemblies. They really can be precious moments (although I know they are a pain for the teachers to organise!).

  7. Unbearably proud, I expect!!


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