Friday, 15 November 2013

Egg Hunt

Periodically over the summer we have had less than the full compliment of eggs from our six chickens.  This has been a source of some puzzlement to us but, not being particular experts in the area of chicken rearing, we have assumed there was little we could do about it.  Occasionally we have found single eggs outside of the coop and as a result have sent the children on a egg hunt.  With our "ultimate free range" chickens this has not been the easiest of tasks.  They have checked the favourite chicken haunts - a row of fir trees with their low branches that make excellent roosting spots, the lower wilderness near the stream and the big bush at the top of the garden which provides good shade from the hot sun.  To no avail.

Finally this last month we have been having six eggs most days in the nesting boxes.  In fact, in the last week we have often been having seven eggs - which is especially peculiar since we have been told the chickens will slow down egg production in the shorter winter days.

One of the things our chickens take great delight in is escaping from our back garden.  They will have a good root around in the front and then head across the road to search the grass opposite - and eat the occasional frog.  When we discover them in their foraging, we call them back and they obediently stroll back through the car port and into the garden.

Today there have been several break outs - I think we may need to look at the fences again.  When Husband returned from picking the children up from the school bus they found three of the chickens in the front garden.  Two willingly returned to the back garden, but the third was very naughty and led the Husband on a merry chase around the shrubbery.  It was during this chase that Husband discovered this:

It would seem at least one of the chickens had been spurning the nesting box for her egg laying and instead had made her own nest just under the lounge window.  Looking at it now we're not quite sure how we'd missed it.  There must be a good twenty eggs and you can see them from the road when you know where to look.

We have no idea how long they have been there - we know there can't be any from this last week unless we've got incredibly productive chickens suddenly.

The moral of the story - never trust a chicken, unless it's in the pot...

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