Thursday, 5 December 2013

#R2BC Christmas... etc.

The dreary days of November are past, December is upon us...  Strange, isn't it, how despite little change in the weather - in fact, it's blowing such a gale today I was struggling to drive the car to pick up Miss C from Playgroup - and the ever darkening days, December is a much cheerier month than November.
Thank you, Grandma!

Advent has begun and I'm pleased that the children are as excited by my traditional calendar with just pictures as they are by their chocolate ones

The Christmas Tree is up - with only a minimum of stress from the four children involved, and I haven't rearranged too many of the baubles!

Friday night I'm going out with 'the girls' - properly... with actual dressing up required.  I may even decide to put some make up on.  Soon it will be time for carol services and Christmas plays, other festive meals.  All of these things fill December with fun and activity, leading slowly but surely to Christmas Day!  It's a time of year I've always loved (I'd say who doesn't, but I know there are many!) that seems especially precious now in our lovely village, with friends close by, in a home I hope to have many years of Christmas memories in and our children to share it all with.

And today I've had an extra special moment to enjoy, despite the wind howling around the house.  Miss C, Mr M and I went out in the garden to play on the swings and I thought I'd try Mr M in the baby swing a friend gave us.  Just look at the joy on his face for his first ever swing.  These are some of the things that make motherhood so very precious.

Finally, my BIG PROJECT - subject of earlier R2BC - is off the ground and seeming to gather momentum.  I've still no real idea how things will progress, but it's been fabulous to get some really encouraging responses to our first 'mailing'.  The Goshen Project is about praying for Welsh Farming Communities.  The heart behind it is described on a blog I've created to provide a central hub for the network we hope to create.  If you're interested in finding out about it, head over to

This is part of the Reasons to Be Cheerful link-up, hosted this month by  What are your reasons this week?


  1. You are right, December does make it all seem ok, doesn't it?
    That picture is adorable xx

  2. Orli, Just Breathe5 December 2013 at 16:32

    It sounds like a very good project to be involved in.
    I love this time a year, December is always more busy than November, but in a good way, and everything looks much more celebratory. Even the rain is more fitting with it than in November...
    And just rearranging some of the baubles? You are so lucky. I am like a drill sergeant :)
    Both Miss c and Mr M look adorable on those swings. Yon was very impressed with her glasses :) x

  3. oh love his face! hope the project goes well its so important

  4. Looking for Blue Sky5 December 2013 at 21:15

    That is one gorgeous happy smile! Fab reason to be cheerful xx

  5. That smile is so infectious! Impossible not to be cheerful when you see that!


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