Thursday, 12 December 2013

#R2BC ...of Birds, Concerts and Hope

Yesterday I saw a real woodpecker for the first time!  I was walking back from dropping the older children at the bus stop when I heard a tap tap tap.  I looked into the trees but I couldn't see anything that could be causing the noise.  I stood for a few moments gazing around, and finally decided to move on.  As I did I heard another tap tap tap from the other side of the road a bit further ahead.  I walked slowly that way and was rewarded by the sight of a tiny little bird tapping away at a branch looking for its breakfast.  So beautiful I stood transfixed for a moment with my mouth slightly open in wonder - until I realised and quickly closed it before anyone drove past!  I wish I'd had my camera with me.

Like many other people, the Christmas season is busy busy busy!  Wednesday afternoon was the first performance of the children's school Christmas Concert (another showing tonight, which is making my evening a tad complicated, but that's life with five children!).  Last year this was a very lengthy production with an interval after an hour at which point those of us with only Infant age children could sneak off, as only the Juniors were in the second half.  This year we had children in both groups, so I was very grateful that they had made the whole performance into just an hour.  As much as I love watching School Concerts - and I really do - two hours, especially when you have younger ones to keep entertained, is a very long time!  And, of course, the children were all wonderful in their different ways - I was particularly proud of Mr J's clear voice as he spoke his lines; Miss A's cheeky grin at the beginning (although by the interval she was decidedly flagging!); and Miss I's enthusiasm in the "Rocking Robin" dance she's been practicing for weeks.

My final reason for being cheerful this week (at least, the one I'm going to write about here) is Hope.  This week I have been blessed with the power of Hope.  Things aren't always great in life, are they?  And yet, there is something very significant about hope that stops those hard times from dragging me down - the trust, the hope, the faith that there is a new day ahead, opportunities on the horizon, something better just around the corner.  I can truly say that in my experience, although there are many struggles in life and many delays to the things I need or want, my hope has never been disappointed.  I know that the trouble comes not from hope itself but from what I put my hope in.  I am so grateful that I have One who is always Faithful to put my Hope in - and Christmas reminds me of that in a very special way.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Orli, Just Breathe12 December 2013 at 18:22

    Have to admit I have kind of a complicated relationship with the concept of hope. But like you I do believe there is a new day ahead and better things to come. Maybe it's that I'm impatient. Waiting (graciously or not) is not in my nature :) I read something I liked a few weeks ago (I think it was on Pinterest) - when I'm having a bad day and everything seems lost and I just can't go on, I remind myself that my track record of overcoming bad days is 100% :)
    Anyway, I adore school performance, and am waiting impatiently (told you) to see both boys in their plays. Glad all your children did so well! (I have high hopes for Ron, but Yon...). The run up to Christmas is super busy and stressful, I hope you are holding in there! x

  2. Beautiful reasons this week. Hope is a difficult thing for some to keep hold of, I'm very glad you have it.

    As for seeing a woodpecker, wow! I would of been transfixed too!

    I've been my 10yo in concert tonight, last one too, as he's off to comp next *sob* xx

  3. Ooh I like your last reason, hope is something that many need right now. The kids concerts sound lovely, my boys school in England had brilliant Christmas carol concerts and plays, I miss that. I am lucky enough to have woodpeckers in my garden and sometimes pecking away at my deck, they are beautiful aren't they!

  4. I am very jealous of your own garden woodpeckers! Hope is one of those things that is so vital to my life, I guess many people would call me an optomist - but I know so often in those times you need it most it can be really hard to keep hold of.

  5. Oh, that's sad that you won't have any more school concerts for your boy! I'm sure there'll be some performance or other to watch, though. Hope can be very hard to hold on to, I think what helps me most is that my hope is in something so totally beyond me!

  6. The words that often come to mind when I think about hope, strangely are from a verse that says "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." But for me the power of hope comes from the simple refusal to accept what appears to be reality, to hold on to belief. In those times when I start to feel 'heart sick' from a delay in what I hope for, something rises up in me that says "No! I will not give up, there is still hope because I am still standing." I think that's similar to what you say about having a track record of 100% for overcoming those bad days. For me hope cannot be separated from my faith, though I know many people who do have a very powerful experience of hope without faith. I hope your boys have a wonderful time in their school plays - Ron has worked so hard for it, and I'm sure it will be a great experience for Yon (even if, like Miss A, he spends much of it yawning!). I'm sure that you will enjoy them, no matter what. My big project before Christmas is to get the house in some kind of order... everything else is pretty much in place really.

  7. Looking for Blue Sky13 December 2013 at 22:42

    Yes, hope is so important, I hang on to it every day!

    Enjoy the concerts, I only have two years left of them xx


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