Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Morning Miracle

We had such a good morning today.  Miss C woke me at 7.30am, so I crawled out of bed, switched on the hall light to wake the others and crawled back into bed.  A few minutes later Mr J appeared fully dressed in his school uniform.  I told him how impressed I was and that I guessed I had better follow his good example and get out of bed and make his breakfast.  The rest of the morning was a dream.

I felt much less grumpy about making their breakfasts.
Mr J even did the drying up and putting away of their plates & cutlery while he waited for his porridge.
There were tears from Miss C because the older ones were playing "Why we're all the odd one out..." (Mr J was the only one with a hot breakfast, Miss A had a straw in her drink, etc) and she didn't want to be the odd one out - but this was quickly resolved when the others agreed she didn't have to play.
Miss A got her clothes without argument, got undressed and only needed the minimum of help with trousers - rather than the normal sulks, tantrums and cries of "I want someone to HELP me!"

Generally tranquility reigned, and even that last frantic 5 minutes before we left the house was comparatively calm - even if I didn't get my normal morning cup of tea.

I feel so blessed because I'd been praying about how awful I feel about my attitude in the mornings.  I am always so tired that I don't want to get out of bed, I am then exhausted by having to nag everyone to get ready and become excessively grumpy about making breakfast, finding missing shoes and bags and generally no one doing what they're asked.  I had made a plan (not exactly a resolution) that I was going to try to get up before everyone, have a shower, read my Bible and spend some time just giving the day to God, but have yet to manage to do it no matter how early I go to bed.  It's not realistic, I suppose, because I am woken several times in the night by Mr M at the moment, but I really need to find that time to connect with God before the madness of the day descends on me.  I was so very grateful to have a positive start to the day with only a minimal effort on my part.  I'm praying that one way or another the same will be true tomorrow.

As this was a major achievement for Mr J, and Me, and everyone, I guess, I'm linking with Small Steps Amazing Achievements this morning.  Click the link to see what other achievements there have been this week.

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  1. Don't feel too bad about being grumpy in the morning - they can have that effect on us moms! But you did have a great morning, and even if it happens once in a while, doesn't it really uplift the mood? And I really hope you have more of these :)

  2. Well done, morning's are always such a rush aren't they. Hard to not be grumpy when you're up against the clock #SSAA

  3. Orli, Just Breathe16 January 2014 at 11:13

    Morning are always tough for everyone I think... I have yet to end a morning without yelling at someone (including Hidai...). Like you every few months I promise myself I will wake up before everyone else and start the day with a nice quiet moment for myself. It had yet to happen even once... So for now I just gave up and try aiming toward yelling less :) Good luck with your morning resolutions (ah... Plans)! xx

  4. that is such good news. I can totally relate to the morning grumpiness and wanting to stay in bed and then no one listening or helping. In my case a lot of it is my own fault as sometimes i don't get to bed until 2am and then then kids are awake from 5am and then i feel resentful that they didn't let me sleep - yet it is my own fault for getting to bed so late. Something i need to change this year! Long may the calm mornings continue for you. xxx

  5. Yes, I think mornings are pretty bad for most parents! It does give me a boost to have a good one once in a while! Not been bad at all this last week, either.

  6. I'm always amazed that we manage to get out of the house on time, but we've never missed the bus once! It probably helps that as long as the children are dressed and fed I pretty much let everything else slide when necessary.

  7. I think you're right - all families struggle with mornings in one way or another. What I find so difficult is that I used to be such a morning person before I had children - I rarely had trouble getting out of bed before 6 am and loved the quiet of the world before most people got up. Oh, well, I guess I'm getting old! ;) Still not managed to carry out my plan.... I expect I never will.

  8. Good luck on getting up earlier!! I still haven't managed it. However, I am still intending to try. It is amazing how no matter how organised you think you are, though, it always is the last minutes before you leave that you run around like a mad thing because something has been missed or lost. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. It can be hard to be sensible and go to bed early, can't it? I find myself resenting an early night - although for me that's more like before 11pm, since I can't keep my eyes open much later. We're still reasonably calm in the morning, although not quite as positive. Still haven't managed to get up before everyone else ;)

  10. I think mornings are hard, more so when your sleep is disturbed. It sounds like this morning went fantastically well. Lest hope you get many more like that.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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