Sunday, 12 January 2014

My picture: His words - Mighty Warrior

"The Lord is with you, mighty warrior."  Judges 6 v 12

I've felt God say this to me this week and it makes me smile.  These are the words with which the angel of the Lord greeted Gideon while he was hiding in the winepress threshing wheat.  Given the context of the words (read Judges, it's always an eye opener!), they almost seem ironic.  Gideon does not come across as a mighty warrior.  But that is something I have found particularly encouraging this last few weeks as I have struggled with not feeling qualified for the things God seems to have called me to.  God doesn't look for the person who is qualified, but the person who is willing - and actually, reading the chapters about Gideon in the Bible, he wasn't even particularly willing, or rather he was fearful of getting it wrong and needed a lot of encouragement to know that God really was talking to him and would be with him in the fight against the Midianites.  What I find most reassuring is that God trusted Gideon - not because of what Gideon could do, but because of what Gideon would do if God was with him.  I guess if God tells me I am a mighty warrior, it must be true.  The great news is, I'm not alone.

This is inspired by Mummy From The Heart's series of posts My Picture: His Words which I try to join in with when I can.  


  1. fantastic! I keep coming across that bit about Gideon lately. That's usually a sure sign of God speaking when the same verse or section of the bible keeps coming up in different places and in different contexts. xxx

  2. I love it, how amazing to know He is calling you a mighty warrior. Go forth and fight my love xx

  3. It is amazing - just a bit daunting when I realise what might be required! However, Gideon, while not exactly a role model is at least a testament to the grace and patience of God!

  4. I love it when God does that - welcome to the battle! ;)


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