Sunday, 9 February 2014

Comfort Food on a Dismal Day

The winter days continue damp and dismal, the nights are dark and the wind howls down the chimney, stirring the fire to leaping flames  - and all thoughts of salad flee from my mind.  (To be honest they were never that deeply ingrained in my mind in the first place.)  As the snow falls - yes, it snows here because we're almost 1000 ft up -  it's time for some good homely hot food, preferably of the stewed and stodgy variety.  Chicken casserole with dumplings is my husband's current speciality and I am quite content when he suggests it for dinner.

However, when I was a child my favourite 'winter' meal was called Star Wars Stew - I'm pretty sure the idea comes from the Brownie Recipe Book of the time.  Basically it was just a sausage casserole, but made with whatever was available in the cupboards.  The thought being that when you got in late from the 'movies' and you could throw everything together in a matter of minutes from what you had to hand.  My husband recoils at the very idea of it but I have great hopes of winning the children over one day.  Actually I'm probably fooling myself since they won't eat most of the ingredients let alone a strange combination of them!

Here's the recipe - such as it is:

Ingredients (Apart from the sausages, it's all pretty much optional depending on what you have in your winter stores!)
8 large sausages - fried until browned
1 tin oxtail soup or a good quantity of gravy
1 tin of potatoes
1 tin baked beans
1 tin sweet corn
Onion - frozen or fresh
Any other tinned or frozen vegetables you fancy - peas, carrots etc.

Once you have browned off the sausages, chop into good sized chunks (quarters works well) and fry with the onion.  Add all the ingredients together into a big saucepan.  You may wish to quickly boil any frozen vegetables before adding.  Cook over a gentle heat for about ten minutes until simmering.

(You can even cook it on the top of the wood stove if you're suffering from a power cut like we did yesterday - assuming, of course, that you are blessed with such a device.)

Serve with bread and butter - a fresh crusty loaf is wonderful if you can manage it.

So, what do you think?  Am I as strange as my husband thinks for hankering after my childhood favourite or does it sound like a delicious warming meal after a busy day?

This post was inspired by a competition on the Co-operative Electrical website for winter warmer recipes and was written as an entry for the competition.

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