Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful - Work and Holidays

Well, it's been a goodly while since I wrote anything on my blog, and even longer since I linked up with Reasons to Be Cheerful - so it's high time I did some pondering, I think.

Reason One: Last week we went to Disneyland Paris, and - taking into account the stress of managing five small children in such an intense atmosphere - it was definitely a reason to be cheerful!  We are so grateful to Grandma for giving the children the opportunity for such a memorable holiday.  So many things to remember, but I think for me the lasting impressions were:
* Miss I's sheer delight in Rollercoasters (being the eldest she got to go on most things and revels in speed).
* Mr J overcoming his fear of unexpected drops to enjoy the runaway train (although he REALLY doesn't like the Tower of Terror - not that I blame him, I wouldn't go on it).
* Miss A saying as they dropped in the Tower of Terror "That was brilliant, can we do it again?" when both her older siblings hated it.
* Miss C on the Sausage Dog kiddy roller coaster laughing with excitement with every bump.
* Mr M, just weeks over the one year that allowed him on, sitting next to me on the Buzz Lightyear ride staring around in wonder while I shot at the targets on his behalf.

Reason Two: Husband's broken foot is much better - after a week of walking around Disneyland, I was seriously worried about it.  A couple of days of good rest and he is in much less pain.  Hopefully a sign that he didn't do any further damage when a boy jumped on it while he was waiting in a queue for a ride!

Reason Three: With the Husband off work with his broken foot, I've had the chance to take up work again.  I've been volunteering with a small Welsh publishers and really having such a wonderful time I selfishly don't want him to go back to work!  We'll have to come up with a solution that works for all of us, because they've offered to pay me for a few days a week.  I suspect we may have to turn the 'Library' into a home office!  It's so great to be back in the work place, to enjoy a different kind of challenge and put all my varied experiences and skills to work.  I feel a bit sad in the mornings when I leave the children, but by the time I've driven the thirty miles through beautiful Welsh countryside, I am happily in work mode.  Then the drive back gets me ready for being back home to cuddle all the children, and put them all to bed.

Reason Four: Easter!  As a Christian, Easter is always very important to me - although in my understanding Easter is every day, not just this one time of the year.  This Easter, however, I was really very tired!  After a week walking around Disney with very little sleep and far too much excitement, I just needed to rest.  Over Easter weekend we were staying with my parents and on Sunday we went to their church - what I still consider to be my home church.  I was very inspired by the sermon about Reality and Truth, but hadn't really the energy to summon up any kind of response or really to celebrate the glorious truth of the resurrection as I would normally.  During the prayers after the sermon, I was falling asleep in my chair taking advantage of having my eyes closed (the children being occupied elsewhere).  Suddenly I felt as though a light was shining on me, and my head lifted up.  At that moment I felt such a warmth, such a peace, such a re-energising love, I began to cry.  I won't cheapen the experience by trying to explain further, but I feel so blessed to have had an encounter with Jesus at a time when I really had nothing of myself to give back!

Happy Easter everyone!  What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Welcome back :) Your Disneyland trip sounds fantastic!! Happy to hear your Husband's foot is on the mend and well done on taking up some volunteering..that's fantastic! x

  2. What absolutely fabulous reasons!! I'm glad you got to enjoy all aspects of Easter, fun and religious xx

  3. Jealous of a week at Disney we only had a day! Easter is such a wonderful celebration

  4. Thank you! It's great to take some time to focus on the positive. I'm very chuffed by the work, since I had hoped the volunteering would turn into a paid job, and it's worked out much better than I could have expected.

  5. Hi Kate, that's such a lovely story and must make you feel so very special to have been wanted so much. Happy Easter x

  6. Thank you, it has not been an easy few months, but great to take some time to focus on the positive.

  7. A week was a bit long really, but you definitely need a good couple of days, I think, especially if you can take advantage of the early hotel guest entry which means queues of 5 to 15 minutes!


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