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As I've explored the perculiar place that is the Blogging World I have come across many blog posts that I have enjoyed reading. Slowly but surely, however, I'm discovering Bloggers whose posts are always worth a look.  Here are just a few:

Orli, Just Breathe... The first Blog I started reading frequently.  I love Orli's sense of humour and unique perspective on life.  Orli and I have a scary amount of things in common (living in Gibraltar for a few years for one) and many things not in common, which is what makes her posts so interesting for me.

Mummy From the Heart  I first discovered Michelle's blog through her "Reasons to be Cheerful" linky, and became hooked when I realised that not only did she share my faith, but she lives in one of my favourite places that I have visited every year since I was small.

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